LAMY safari all black ncode

writing, digitizing, unlimited possibilities

Timeless analog meets limitless digital: The new LAMY safari all black ncode combines both worlds in one writing instrument and creates a synergy that opens up completely new possibilities.
Quickly capture a few thoughts, draw a sketch, write down ideas - all of this is intuitively easiest for us to do with pen and paper. But what if handwritten notes could now also be easily stored digitally and edited flexibly? This is where the ncode technology developed by Neo LAB comes into play, which makes it possible to connect the analogue with the digital world and thus open up new perspectives.

Limitless possibilities beyond the edge of the paper

The new LAMY safari all black ncode bridges the gap between analogue notebooks and the unlimited world of digital processing.

ncode sensor

The photoelectric sensor reads the printed ncode pattern on the digital notebook paper and recognizes handwriting and pages. The Neo LAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the pen does the complex mathematical calculation to locate the pen's position on the page.

LED display

Where the viewing window of the LAMY safari fountain pen shows how much ink is left in the cartridge, the LAMY safari all black ncode shows its charging status.

Micro USB port

The writing system from Lamy and Neo LAB Convergence is made to adapt perfectly to your own lifestyle. A full charge via micro USB port allows 11 hours of non-stop writing.

LAMY digital paper Notebook

The LAMY digital paper notebook contains Neo LAB's own ncode technology. Every stroke on a page is saved - this creates a complete digital copy of the notebook with all the options for further processing.

codes on the surface

Each page contains a tiny pattern - barely visible to the naked eye. These codes reflect pen position and information unique to each page. The NeoLAB ncode sensor reads the codes from the surface - the processor (CPU) contained in the pen does the complex mathematical calculation to locate the position of the pen on the page.

Paper Controller

With the practical Paper Controller, line thickness or color for the digitally saved version of the writing or sketches can be selected easily and directly. The ideal solution to stay in the creative flow without having to put down the pen.

Usual comfort

Size 145 x 210 mm, 192 pages of ink-resistant, acid-free 80 g paper, thread-stitched binding, ivory-colored with delicate gray dotted lines. Eight detachable pages, 2 textile ribbons as bookmarks, a folding pocket on the inside of the spine and the elastic rubber band to hold it together and the retaining strap for the LAMY safari all black ncode.

LAMY safari all black ncode bundle

With the LAMY safari all black ncode, the associated LAMY digital paper notebook and the numerous functions of the Neo Studio app, it is easy to write on paper, digitize your handwritten notes at the same time and then edit them flexibly. The set includes the smart pen LAMY safari all black ncode including USB charging cable and the corresponding LAMY digital paper notebook.

The multifunctional Neo Studio app, which opens the door to the fantastic possibilities of the digital world of writing for LAMY digital paper, is available as a free download from Google Play™ or the App Store™.
Thanks to Myscript, a handwriting recognition program, Neo Studio offers the option of converting handwriting to printed text for 32 languages. What is written is automatically synchronized on all devices on which the app has been installed. Possible formats: jpg, PDF, MP4 or gif.
There are no limits to creative design and the requirements of professional work.

Connection of analogue and digital

Neo LAB is an international leader in the technology of writing instruments that allow you to write on paper and store digitally. The Korean company also offers a wide range of services that expand its product applications. The underlying technology can be used in a variety of fields, e.g. For example, in education, medicine, manufacturing, finance, and logistics, to make writing more versatile and paper more intelligent.