LAMY specs vol. 5

An extraordinary symbiosis

Different worlds meet in the LAMY dialog urushi edition. tradition and modernity. Asia and Europe. Rational design and an idiosyncratic material: Urushi.
Working with designers has a long tradition at Lamy. But there has never been an artist edition. Two highly recognized Urushi masters have adopted a model that stands for masterful manufacture and technical excellence like no other writing instrument from Lamy: LAMY dialog 3. Norihiko Ogura from Tokyo and Manfred Schmid from Bremen have given the capless twist-up fountain pen the guise of the four seasons wrapped. Spring, summer, autumn and winter form the leitmotif of the edition - a subject that is as timeless as it is universal. The seasons as a symbol for the eternal cycle of life. Becoming and passing away, finiteness and renewal.
The different backgrounds of the two Urushi artists represent a special appeal of the edition. While the Japanese Norihiko Ogura stands entirely in the tradition of classic lacquer art, as represented by masters such as Gonroku Matsuda, the German Manfred Schmid approaches Urushi art with the perspective of the European.
What they have in common is that they developed original processing techniques for Lamy and used them for the first time on the LAMY dialog 3 fountain pen. It is an exciting encounter between different cultures and perspectives, which lets Lamy - just like the material Urushi - appear in a new light.
If you want to understand what makes Urushi so complex, so special, you have to enter the world of lacquer art. It's a world with its own laws; Laws that challenge modern people – especially the “homo digitalis”. Working with urushi requires extraordinary patience and the willingness to subordinate oneself to the rhythm of the material. Not an easy exercise at a time when everything seems doable, everything seems manageable. In this special issue of LAMY specs, which is dedicated exclusively to the topic of urushi, we take you into this world - and into the studio of urushi master Manfred Schmid, who gives touching insights into his work.
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In product development, the eponymous term “specs”, short for “specifications”, traditionally describes the requirements that an innovation must meet.
By that we mean: The sum of all facets that distinguish Lamy and make it special. The issues that concern us, the personalities and stories that surround us. In doing so, we keep coming back to our central brand values, which, like a fixed star, guide our actions. "Design. Made in Germany" is just as much a part of this as the commitment to writing by hand - also and especially in the digital age. As a writing instrument brand, we are inseparably rooted in the real, haptic world. But analogue and digital do not represent a contradiction in terms for us; rather, they form two sides of the same coin. They complement each other, enrich each other.
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