specs vol. 3

Ideas that change everything

Welcome to LAMY specs Vol. 3. Read here what you can expect in the new issue.
What works is beautiful – “form follows function”. This was the motto of the Bauhaus, which was founded in Weimar in 1919. Even though it only existed for 14 years, the Bauhaus has had a lasting effect on subsequent generations: in the areas of architecture, art, and design. On the occasion of its upcoming jubilee, we are taking a look, in this edition, at the legendary school of design – and the continuation of its ideasup to the present day. The Lamy design philosophy also has its origins in the Bauhaus. It entered into our product range in 1966 with the LAMY 2000. Since then it has defined the style of all Lamy writing instruments. It is based on the conviction that the function determines the form, and this should always be clear, reduced and free from superfluous details.
The best example of this is the LAMY dialog 3. From the outside, one cannot see how complex the technology is on the inside. Nib and clip can be retracted with a single twist of the capless fountain pen. A technical solution which is unique to this day. The LAMY dialog 3 was designed by Franco Clivio, who also developed the LAMY pico pocket ballpoint pen for and with Lamy – “the most beautiful task that I have ever had in my life.” In our interview, the designer explains how he was inspired by a discovery at a flea market.

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In product development, the eponymous term “specs”, short for “specifications”, traditionally describes the requirements that an innovation must meet.
By that we mean: The sum of all facets that distinguish Lamy and make it special. The issues that concern us, the personalities and stories that surround us. In doing so, we keep coming back to our central brand values, which, like a fixed star, guide our actions. "Design. Made in Germany" is just as much a part of this as the commitment to writing by hand - also and especially in the digital age. As a writing instrument brand, we are inseparably rooted in the real, haptic world. But analogue and digital do not represent a contradiction in terms for us; rather, they form two sides of the same coin. They complement each other, enrich each other.
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