LAMY specs vol. 4

Everything different

Welcome to LAMY specs Vol. 4. Find out here which topics and stories the new issue has in store.
The Greek philosopher Plato knew that nothing in the world is as it seems. And nothing stays the same, said the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Two simple, yet fundamental statements that are no less true in the 21st century than they were in ancient times. They teach that it is worth looking at things from (at least) two perspectives. And that constant change is in the nature of all things. The current issue of LAMY specs is also about change and taking on new perspectives - in a figurative as well as in a concrete sense. In an interview, Lamy Managing Director Beate Oblau and Product Manager Marco Achenbach talk about brand identity, innovation and the tension between preservation and renewal. And about a term that seems to be undergoing a thorough reinterpretation today: luxury.
What actually is luxury? What was he before, what is he now? Design journalist Gerrit Terstiege discusses these questions in his essay “Quiet Luxury”. In doing so, he shows that the question of the meaning of luxury ultimately always remains a question of perspective. The same applies to the anamorphic mural that Christoph Niemann designed for the Lamy Concept Store in New York. In order to look at this correctly, you have no choice but to change your point of view. Why? You can find out in the article "A Matter of Perspective". Stay open, stay curious. Because nothing is as it seems. Do you have any suggestions or comments about LAMY specs? Write us: [email protected]
In product development, the eponymous term “specs”, short for “specifications”, traditionally describes the requirements that an innovation must meet.
By that we mean: The sum of all facets that distinguish Lamy and make it special. The issues that concern us, the personalities and stories that surround us. In doing so, we keep coming back to our central brand values, which, like a fixed star, guide our actions. "Design. Made in Germany" is just as much a part of this as the commitment to writing by hand - also and especially in the digital age. As a writing instrument brand, we are inseparably rooted in the real, haptic world. But analogue and digital do not represent a contradiction in terms for us; rather, they form two sides of the same coin. They complement each other, enrich each other.
With this in mind, we wish you an inspiring read. Let us know how you like the format - we look forward to your feedback!